Ragnarok Heimdallr

DOB: 13th March 2010

Humphry is a heavyweight boy with massive bone and a wicked tiny eye.
He is white carrying red.
His mum is Heidi Ragnarok ‘Fricka’.
He has been shown only a couple of times but has done well, by winning best mover in show!
He is fully health tested clear for heart, UPC, PKD and hearing.


kalsar Sweet William {

Ch, Int, Ned, belg Ch Grissebasse Charming white devil (Imp NDL)

{ ned ch quest tanderstruk
Grissebasse anxious to meet
kingsline miranda of kalsar { ch backerills blackmailed bymidline
calsar back on kingline
Ragnarok Fricka over bilboen { marshelsea devil may cry { marshelsea hellriser
marshelsea sweet seduktion
bilboen magical body at ragnarok { marshelsea grissom
ch heavenly body from bilboen